The dedication will be held at the new Mount Pleasant High School Gymnasium on Tuesday Dec 6, 2022 @6pm. This event is open to the public.

Tonight’s event is a gym dedication ceremony with administrators attending from the Providence school dept. The Superintendent should be in attendance. He is the person who I met with to get the project started and completed.  The gym will get a complete change, the walls painted, new pads on the walls, new bleachers and brand new backboard and rims. Also a state of the art sound system and the floor completely done over and painted. There will Also be a introduction to this year’s teams and a MP family day basketball game scrimmage. The girls and boys Varsity along with a few unified players (birch vocation students) will be split up and allowed to play in a friendly Kiltie pride basketball game. Last but not least there will be a HALL OF FAME induction for six legendary players to start off the programs new “Ring of Honor” for players.  Chico Santos, Jimmy Angell, Billy O’Brien,  Donald Perry, Danny Sykes and Darrell Taylor will be the first inductees. I was finally able to add Coach Ahern’s signature to the floor to add to this gym dedication. So it should be a historical night for the Mount Pleasant Alumni basketball Fraternity,  and the people who support Mount Pleasant  Kiltie pride. We will take photos and video film the event.

Coach Holliday