This year will be like no other year to date. The executive order was signed on Tuesday 1-19-21 & RI High School basketball will start in January of 2021.The Fighting Kilties will open their season Saturday 1-23-21 at home vs the Woonsocket Villanovans.

There are several new rules and protocols that are in place for this season starting with all players and coaches must wear mask in all contest. Also the social distance rule will be in effect while on the benches for all players. This year games will be played by eight minute quarters intstead of the usual sixteen minute halves. Two basketballs will be used in each contes that will rotate after being sanitized after each quarter.  Last but not least there will only be 10 regular season games played then a Division Tournament.  There will be no STATE TOURNAMENT this year. We look to make the best out of this season with all the changes and stay safe. Relatives and fans can keep track of this year’s team on our website.